Thursday, February 8, 2018

Farewell Elton Daily

Although I am little sad writing this post, I am extremely relieved too.

Elton Daily has been my personal pet project and hobby for the last 12 years. I started it for two main reasons; firstly, the official website was incredibly poor in its news about my beloved idol and secondly, I had hoped to gain Elton's attention through service to his fans.

At first I loved updating the blog, I always tried to be first in getting any and all the news out to fans everywhere. I never hid from posting the good and bad news about Elton. I figured fans would still love him worts and all - it simply made him more human. Although this led me into hot water on several occasions. I used multiple sources to combine everything into one site. It was convenient and thorough.

It was a passion project, I knew the chance of getting my idols attention and meeting him was highly remote, yet I realized that fans around the world loved the information and tour news - so they became my reason for continuing.

In the last few years two things have happened to me. Firstly, I no longer have the time and energy to dedicate to this site, my new career and lifestyle takes all of my time and energy. Secondly, I have lost the majority of my interest in Elton John. Lots of fans are surprised to hear this and I understand why, but for me I think it comes down to over-saturation. I have seen him live 26 times and each time I see him, I get more tired of hearing the same songs, the lack of change has made me disinterested in seeing him. Further, he is everywhere. He is always on TV, always on the radio, in movies, on the news, at charity events, at concerts, in Las Vegas, making musicals, making albums etc etc. Having to follow all this every day of my life and posting it is simply too much for one person. It has driven me have zero interest in any of his projects and tours.

Another reason I feel this site is unnecessary is that his official site has become more reliable and his instagram covers many aspects of his life. Fans are able to follow his life using those channels. Which brings me to the announcement that Elton Daily is over. This is the last post. Thanks for all the years and all the support. I'm sorry to let anyone down. I just simply can't do it anymore and really don't want to do it anymore.

I guess I'm still a fan, don't get me wrong, I adore his music! Unfortunately I have lost a lot of faith in the man though. I feel that he is more focused on attention and self promotion these days than the fans, and perhaps even his family. A 300 date farewell tour is simply a money making scheme - look at the cost of tickets for more proof. I have always known the chance of meeting him was beyond remote, he only ever meets handsome young men, CEO's and celebrities. That to me is very unfortunate. We are the ones who put him where he is and it's a shame to not be recognized for that.

I know you will say, but he does so much for his fans - look at how many shows he gives us, look at all the autographs he signs. But is that really for us? It's partly to make money to maintain his expensive lifestyle and partly to satisfy his addictive personality. The autographs are nice, but I can see how tired he gets doing it, signing so many careless scribbles, that it seems as though he has to do it, not wants to. Perhaps its a routine he can't break or does it to show some engagement with the audience in order to garner more favorable press reviews.

It's hard being tough and saying these things about a man I used to be infatuated with, but It's just my opinion. I'll still love his music and I'll probably go to the farewell tour. But it will be an enormous relief to sit at the back and save my money, to not post about everything and to just enjoy the music and see his remarkable talent one last time. It will be relaxing not having to dress up and get his non-existent attention or to compete with other fans in some strange fandom contest.

I wish Elton all the best for his life and the remainder of his career, thank you for all the memories and wonderful songs. To the band, you guys are the genuine machine behind the man. I'm amazed at how hard you work and your effervescent talent. It was a pleasure to meet you. To all the fans and friends I've made along the way, thank you for your interest in my work and your shared enthusiasm.

This site will no longer be updated. On December 31, 2018 it will go offline permanently.

Best Wishes,



Anonymous said...

You have one thing in common with Elton. You have retired from this site more than once.

char25gal said...

Paul. Please leave the site on until 2020? I understand this I just can't believe it. I have enjoyed your site and also updates about Elton. Take care yours Charlotte fensom - from Elton john . com and facebook

Mário Marinato said...

Hey, buddy, I get your point. Thank you for your hard work during all those years. I've been following your blog for a long time. Take care and good luck on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul! You took the words right out of my mouth!

When people put money ahead of people unfortunately you lose respect for them.
You have done a great job and put your heart and soul into serving Elton's Fans with News and we all appreciate that.

Elton John might not have acknowledged your dedication to him but that's his loss, i am sure there are many genuine fans that have missed out on meeting him cause they don't have the money to "donate" huge amounts to his causes just so he will blink in their direction.

One good thing Elton did was bring you into my life and for that i am thankful!

Anonymous said...

To be honest I have no sympathy for you, I contacted you a couple of years ago to try and connect as a fellow fan, but you decided not to answer. So although the updates on Elton are great, it's no wonder Elton didn't connect with you when you treat people the same way. The universe has a way.

Paul Jelicich said...

My apologies if I upset you. That was not my intention. I’m not sure who you are, but if you would like to make contact with me, I’m open to making new friends. Best wishes!

Perry P said...

Thanks for all you’ve done with this site. Wish you all the best going forward!

Anonymous said...

Paul !
Thank You ! !
Your "latest" Post,,,, SPOT ON !!!,,,ALLLLL Of It = TrUtH
no more feeding the monster
> Peace & Freedom <

Anonymous said...

This a're trying to be like Elton, and retire! Some of the stuff you say about him I agree with such as "a 3 year farewell tour"?? that's not retirement. A couple of years ago you said the same thing, and offered to let someone else run your content because you were done. When I offered to do it, I said there would be some changes, and guess what? You scoffed at that and turned the offer down. So now I ask you, Paul, why leave this up til the end of the year? Why not give it a week and then delete? Why do we want "daily" updates from you when we have Elton himself giving us them on Instagram, Facebook,, etc etc? Secondly, how much work have you ever really done on this blog? You pretty much just copy current stories from another source from what I can tell. But you piss and moan. Paul you're a phony. We won't miss you! Bye