Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elton Most Generous UK Celebrity

Sir Elton John confirmed his status as a major charitable benefactor by topping the celebrity names appearing on this year's Sunday Times Giving List.

Elton's Glasses Stolen from Museum, 45 Years Ago Elton Starts First World Tour

Police are on the lookout for a pair of priceless stolen glasses Tuesday evening.

Elton Sends Tribute Video to Kevin Spacey, Attends Craigs' Party

Kevin Spacey was in tears as he finished his 11-year reign at the Old Vic with a star-studded goodbye gala.

Check Out Davey's Sitar

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Moscow Cancelled 2015 Elton Concert due to High Costs

Fans of Elton John and Marilyn Manson living in Moscow are facing tough times.

Tom Hardy Can't Sing, Finds Rocketman Challenging

He’s taken on many tough roles in his career, so you’d think playing Sir Elton John would be a walk in the park for Tom Hardy.

Inside Elton's Vegas Pad

The sheets were still warm when Britney Spears slipped into her Las Vegas pad -- because she didn't even wait 24 hours for Elton John to move out before moving back into the uber swank suite.