Friday, October 9, 2015

Elton Meets Lucky Little Fan

It would be tempting to steal a line from the Elton John hit "Crocodile Rock" and say Evan Snow never knew a better time than Friday night and you guess he never will.

Elton is Raving About Lady Gaga's New Album

On his Rocket Hour Beats 1 radio show yesterday (September 29), John, who’s a good friend of Gaga’s (she’s the godmother of one of his sons) said he got an early listen to the follow up to 2013’s Artpop — and what he heard left him eager for more.

Could Elton's New Album Title Be 'Wonderful, Crazy Night'? has posted a listing for a mysterious 3 disc Elton John vinyl box set titled 'Wonderful, Crazy Night'.

No Changes for Final Curtain Tour

The Final Curtain tour has begun, and unfortunately there will be no changes to the show, setlist, stage or merchandise from the previous 'All The Hits' tour.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Listen to Skyline Pigeon Live at Rock in Rio

Elton Delivers 25 Millionth Open Hand Meal

Sir Elton John and his crisp band delighted Music Midtown fans with a 21-song set list on Friday night.

Meet Elton the Fish

53 year old Paul Storey was feeding majestic ghost carp in a pond at Burnby Hall Gardens near Pocklington, East Yorkshire in England the other day, and lo and behold, one carp swims up to him who is the spitting image of Elton John circa the 1970s in full performance regalia.