Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Elton John Band Wears Tom Cridland Trousers

Tom Cridland Trousers are currently the Featured Project in Fashion on Kickstarter - a campaign aimed at launching in the US.

Tom Cridland left his job at one of the oldest finance firms in London to start a menswear brand, Tom Cridland. 'We hand-make elegant luxury trousers for gentlemen in unique colours, deliver them to you at a wholesale price and offer free returns if they aren’t a good fit' says Tom.

'I got involved with Nigel by simply offering him trousers of his choice. He’s a really decent, helpful guy and he’s doing his best to spread the word about our brand. Nigel Olsson is a huge supporter of our trousers, whilst Matt Bissonette and John Mahon also wear them. We are currently making a large batch of new trousers especially for Elton’s crew members to wear and are going in to the new tour programme as an Official Sponsor.'

'In the 12 months since I started Tom Cridland:

- I’ve gone from broke to hanging out backstage at Elton John with Nigel Olsson wearing my designs
- I’ve done everything from travel round rural Portugal in a run down car to find our supplier, to seeing our trousers stocked at Wolf & Badger (voted the No 1 boutique in London)
- I’ve experienced all the highs and lows of being a designer and an entrepreneur: from borrowing money from friends to source a higher quality of cotton than necessary, to having our trousers worn by Frankie Valli'

Check out Tom's fantastic "Nigel certified" product here and support his Kickstarter campaign here

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Kwok said...

I would like to share my bad experiences with Tom Cridland. First I ordered 34R trousers and I received 34L trousers, which I returned, they then sent me 34L trousers again but said that the labelling was wrong and that in fact they were a 34R! Customer service has been abysmal with very curt and one liner messages and to top it off the crotch seam has split after wearing them a few times. Since then I have asked for a refund but they have decided not to give this to me. Nice looking trousers but definitely not worth the effort, be warned!

From a disgruntled customer