Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Elton John Band Album Recording Now

According to Davey Johnstone, Elton and his band have been working on a secret musical theatre project for Rocket Pictures.
Apparently it 'rocks like crazy and is slamming'. Expect more information around February. It could be for one of many upcoming EJ projects including; Rocketman, Gnomeo & Juliet 2, Animal Farm or Joseph.

Further, Davey and Elton will be tweaking the set list for next year in honour of Captain Fantastic's 40th anniversary, so be prepared for some special performances.


agrasso said...

I don't think anything that you mentioned is the "right" musical they are working on.
Rocketman and Gnomeo & Juliet are movies (one of them animated), not Theatre Musicals, while Joseph is an existing musical by Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and I don't think Elton would re-write the songs, it just was announced that Rocket Pictures would have produced a cartoon version of it.
Animal Farm seemed the more likely, but I asked to Davey and he gave me a reply that made me think it's not this on they are working on...check his blog.

Paul Jelicich said...

Oh perhaps it's something new. How exciting!

Komer Growl said...

If you read Davey's blog carefully, he says they are done recording (October-November) the musical theatre one and they are going in the studio in February 2015 to record a new EJ album (with band).

Paul Jelicich said...

Thanks for clarifying that Komer. His posts seemed a little vague on the details to me.