Thursday, June 19, 2014

Your Chance to Interview Chris Gero - Director of The Million Dollar Piano on DVD has secured an exclusive interview with Chris Gero - an American music industry executive, concert producer, record producer, artist relations executive, film director, songwriter, and the founder and vice president of Yamaha Entertainment Group of America.

Chris directed The Million Dollar Piano theatrical release, which is now being released on Blu-ray and DVD.

Readers of this site have the opportunity to ask Chris a question, three questions will be chosen for Chris to answer and his answers will be published here next week. So think up some unique questions that relate to his work with Elton and his team, Yamaha Entertainment Group, the Million Dollar Piano or his directing work.

To summit your question simply comment at the bottom of this post or email

Submissions close at 10.30pm AEST tomorrow, June 20.


Anonymous said...

I saw the show at a theatre and thought it was well done. I was looking forward to "Empty Garden" but obviously this was taped when "Blue Eyes" was part of the setlist instead. However, "Hey Ahab" was played and not shown so I would like to know the decision behind excluding that.

Thank you,

Alex said...

I've read that unlike The Red Piano, Elton won't be taking the show on the road after the finale. What will happen to everything used on the set? What possible idea do you have, that Elton will do with the piano itself?