Saturday, September 8, 2012

Elton Angry that Bob Birch 'Never Reached Out'

As I write these words, I feel a numbness of epic proportions. Three years ago we lost an angel, friend and genius. Now we have lost another. Both of their deaths were unexpected and heartbreaking. They were so close as musicians and friends. Now they are together again.

Bob, why oh why did you not reach out to us. We loved you. We were your second family. We adored you. To be in constant pain and not want to be a nuisance I can understand, but to be in mental pain and not reach out makes us angry. You of all people did not deserve to suffer in silence.

During the glorious years that I was fortunate to call you my friend and colleague, you never said a bad word. You never complained. You never played or sang a bad note. You were loving, loyal, bril- liant, funny and kind. You were SO special to me and to all of us here today. You were my onstage buddy. We would revel in the music together. We would share such ecstatic moments of performance. We would sit together in the studio and I would be amazed how quickly you would contribute your parts. Now I can only thank you by writ- ing this eulogy.

I can never ask you for the sport scores or smell that Patchouli on your body. David and me always talked about your aura of calmness and your smile. We will never forget your braveness in Montreal, your determination to play again. I will never forget sweltering in the heat watching Jonathan play baseball, your love of Michele. You were so proud of your family and they adored and cherished you. We all did. David and I hope you are at peace, but you have left, like Guy, a huge hole full of tears. We are family. We grieve together on this saddest of days.

I promise you that your family will be taken care of. I promise you that a piece of my heart is yours forever. We loved you and always will.



Anonymous said...

so beautiful... rest in peace bob

Anonymous said... agonizing cry from the heart. I, too, am devasted. Never suffer in silence and leave those, who you have touched, to then suffer your absence. live on within us.

Anonymous said...

Learn on the Internet about Bob Birch today. Very impressed about him, his devotion to music and life. Put music to these words I´ve read here. Honor him with a song Elton!
God bless!

Fatima de Luzie said...

I didn't know that Bob passed away. I was so busy last year that I couldn't follow most part of news. I'm very sad.

Jimi 19 said...

Bob Birch, the greatest. Thank you for all the music.

Stuart Podd said...

Such a great musician.I wad so sad to hear of the sad news

Rob H said...

The headline might be a little overstated where it says Elton was "angry." He was upset, grieved, anxious, or immensely sad. I do appreciate the picture of Bob in the chair. It shows how much pain was in while the show must go on. He was dedicated to his craft, but in the end, the pain was too much to bear. He is missed.

Ricard Siagian said...

I am suffer from fatal insomnia caused by neurotoxic medication for already 5 months and physically suffer that destroy me both body and soul. I could understand he choose that instant exit.