Friday, June 15, 2012

Susan Boyle Gets to Meet Elton

SUSAN Boyle has told how she was left speechless after being invited backstage by Sir Elton John.

The Britain’s Got Talent star went to the pop legend’s gig at the Falkirk Stadium on Sunday night.
Sir Elton interrupted his performance to announce to the 15,000 crowd that SuBo was in the audience.

And the Rocket Man singer arranged for her to be brought to his dressing room after the show for a chat.

Susan, 51, yesterday said meeting Elton was a dream come true.
She said: “I almost fell off my chair when he announced that I was in the audience.

“I was surprised he even knew who I was.
“It’s rare I’m speechless but on this occasion I was.
“The man is a musical genius and I was thrilled that I got to say hello backstage.”

- Daily Record

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