Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elton's On-Stage Anger Caused by Car Crash

Sir Elton John had a recent on-stage temper tantrum in which he spilled water from his glass several times and threw his piano stool down on the ground while verbally abusing his personal staff.

He left the stage early and failed to perform the main set closer 'Saturday Night' in which fans in the first few rows rush the stage and are allowed to stand next to the icon on-stage. No reason was given from the man himself for this outburst.

According to Davey Johnstone, Elton's legendary guitarist, Elton's reason for being so infuriated was that "he was upset as there were a lot of empty seats because of a car crash outside Caesars that made everyone late. If they had just held the show up for a half hour, there would have been no problem."

According to a source close to John, the entertainer has been acting very snippy lately — both to his team and close friends. “I don’t know what is bugging Elton. He has not seemed like himself lately.” - Sun Times


Smdmd said...

That's my video clip! So cool you are posting it. I was onstage with my 6 yr old daughter. Elton's security said she could stand next to his bench while he played! Totally insane fun. I filmed this clip on my phone. In the middle of the song, he says to me "I like her shoes." Unreal! Then at the end, he reaches over and shakes just my daughter's hand before going off stage. He's the BEST! I think EJ loved having a little kid there.

Anonymous said...

A pity - no pne's doubting his talent but at 65 (or any age) he needs to be a man and apologise at the very least to the fans who pay money to keep him supplied in Versace, flowers and Bentleys.

Anonymous said...

I had tickets to the show on the 18th. We are unable to get refunds for airline or timeshare. Unfortunate that two Friday shows are cancelled with little regard for those of us who went through a lot of planning to see Elton. I would expect that Elton and his planners would do a better job.

Anonymous said...

It is better that the show is cancelled than he play while pissed because his anger really detracts from the show experience.

I was at the temper tantrum concert and really wish he had cancelled instead of me actually paying to see him act like a child on stage and totally rip off his fans with a short concert with so little of the warmth and exhuberance that is supposed to be characteristic of Sir Elton live. I came all the way from Canada to be ripped off in Vegas!

First and last time. I'll never pay to see him again.