Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elton Booed in Vegas, Has Multiple Tantrum's, Cancels 2 Shows

Elton John was booed during his Friday show at Caesars Palace after repeatedly losing his temper and throwing a stool and water glass across the stage.

During one of his outbursts at the Colosseum, the Rocket Man exploded, saying “somebody in my production team is (bleeping) fired,” a backstage spy told the Review-Journal.

“He made an ass of himself,” said the source.

The 65-year-old six-time Grammy winner started his show 20 minutes late and ended it 25 minutes early, according to the source.

Stagehands were seen mopping up water after each of John’s outbursts. Booing erupted after the fourth time he threw his water glass.

His tantrum may have been costly. The show was being filmed by almost a dozen cameras. A dancer posted a tweet on her Twitter feed saying she was shooting a video with the singing legend.

After singing the finale, “The Circle of Life,” John left the stage immediately, according to the eye witness.

“Not a word to the audience or a thank you to the band,” he said.

- Vegas Confidential

Elton's Million Dollar Piano shows on May 18 and 25 at The Coliseum at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas have also been cancelled.


Hally said...

Elton was NOT boo'ed, although he did have a really funny temper tantrum. Your source didn't even get it right - he said he was effing pissed at his "management team", and then said "they're all effing fired!" It was funny, and the show was great anyway.

N Henne said...

I was there Friday night, and when he threw the first two glasses of water he said "THAT's What I think of my (Bleepin') Management Company - They are ALL ( Bleepin') Fired! Not only did he leave right after 'the circle of life', he completely cut out "Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting" which meant that all the people from the first few row who went up on stage so they could dance with him, were asked to leave. It's a good thing I didn't have front row seats or they REALLY would have seen that the "Bitch is Back"! I'll never pay to see him again!

Anonymous said...

Miss Texas said:

I was there and so disappointed to have traveled to Las Vegas and to have bought 2 tickets to Elton John's concert expecting to be entertained. It was not fair to the fans who anticipated so much more of a show. I can not imagine a celebrity of his caliber having so little respect for his fans. I am glad I did not have any children with me as I would have had to cover their eyes and ears.