Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tucson AZ Postponed - Elton Has Food Poisoning

The Elton John concert scheduled for Wednesday night at the Tucson Convention Center has been canceled, officials said. 
Concert organizers said he came down with an illness and won't be able to perform.
He has rescheduled to concert for Thursday night at 8 p.m., organizers added.
All tickets purchased for Wednesday will be honored tomorrow.
Anyone who is unable to attend the concert tomorrow night can return their tickets to the place where they were purchased for a full refund, an Elton John representative said.
"Elton apologizes for the inconvenience caused due his illness, but doctors assure him he will be fine for tomorrow's evening performance," the representative said.


1 comment: said...

So what gay charity is going to benefit from Elton's $1,000,000 fee?

What commitment has Rush Limbaugh made, never to engage in verbal gaybashing ever again?

It's quite clear that despite Elton being gay and Limbaugh being a bigot, that their middle age and extraordinary wealth is the reason they are close.

Morals and ethics are secondary to cold, hard cash for Reg Dwight.

Fair enough. But he cannot be taken seriously as an Aids activist or a gay spokesperson while he is earning money from the proceeds of homophobia.