Wednesday, December 6, 2017

No More Shows for 2018

At Elton's recent Hamburg concert at The Barclaycard Arena on December 5, the artist announced he will not be performing more concerts next year. He and the band 'will be taking a year off'.

He expects to resume touring in 2019. Final Las Vegas commitments are still going ahead though. His two scheduled performances in Georgia will be the only concerts outside of Las Vegas for 2018.

'We have shows in Monaco, Toulouse, Friedrichshafen, Moscow, Dubai and Beirut and then next year we're gonna take a year off from touring and we'll be back later, ok'

Have a good rest Elton!

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Carl Thomsom said...

Hard to beleive it is possible that 2018 has this many shows after this statement at the very end of 2017. I know he is famous for his many "retirements", but still, this one is up there!