Saturday, June 24, 2017

David feared for Elton's Life

Sir Elton John’s husband has spoken of how he feared for the singer’s life after he fell ­seriously ill on tour .

David Furnish, 54, said it was a testing time for the family, who were “very frightened and very scared”.

Elton, 70, spent two days in intensive care after picking up a rare bacterial infection in South America. And David revealed their two children were crucial in keeping his spirits up.

He said: “We were all very frightened and very scared.

"The kids understood daddy wasn’t well. They didn’t know the seriousness of it, obviously, but they came to visit him in hospital as that was an important part of keeping the patient’s spirits up. We didn’t give them the full lowdown because we didn’t want to overwhelm them.”

David said: “He had terrible ­abdominal pains, a fever, swelling, chills, his teeth were chattering, he was sweating.

“It was like food poisoning but much more serious. He clearly needed to be admitted to hospital.”

Speaking at the Lqd skincare launch for London Fashion Week Men’s, David added: “It was a very rare bacterial infection.

"He was very, very sick. But all is well that ends well. He’s in a great place now. He’s back to work and on full form.”

And now he is fit again there is speculation that he could perform at a tribute concert to his tragic friend George Michael , who died on Christmas Day last year.

David said: “Obviously, George was one of his closest friends and someone he loved dearly.

“If there was an appropriate way to celebrate George then I am sure Elton would want to be involved.”

- Mirror

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