Saturday, April 8, 2017

Elton Chats with Father John Misty

Tonight, Beats 1 aired a conversation between Father John Misty and Elton John. During the latest episode of Elton’s show “Rocket Hour” (which airs in full tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern), the two discussed the analog recording process behind the new album Pure Comedy.

Josh Tillman answered the phone by saying, “Is this Elton John? I’ve been expecting you.” Elton then professed that he’s a fan of the Father John Misty (and Fleet Foxes) records. When Tillman described his first two Father John Misty albums as “Pro Tools Frankensteins,” Elton chuckled. “What you end up with is space,” said Elton of recording analog. “I’m afraid with Pro Tools you’re always tempted to put everything but the kitchen sink on things.”

- Pitchfork

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