Sunday, February 5, 2017

Elton's Graham Taylor Tribute

It was no surprise to find Sir Elton John had put down in words a message to touch the hearts of those who came to pay respects to Graham Taylor.

For a time they were one of football's great double-acts as the chairman and manager who put Watford on the football map.

“I have so many wonderful memories of Graham that I could write a whole book,” . He was without doubt like a brother,” Elton John said.

'We were an unstoppable force of nature,' said Sir Elton in his tribute at Taylor's funeral on Wednesday.

'We were Batman and Robin. And when Batman left for Aston Villa, Robin floundered without his mate.

'I missed him and I made some bad decisions but I had to let him go. He had done the work of a thousand men at Watford.

Elton John also relayed how it was Taylor who made him face the spectre of substance abuse. The singer-songwriter said: “His lecture to me one day shook me to my core. He told me how foolish I was and how I was letting myself – and more importantly the club – down. As you can imagine, those words rang so true and I will never forget them.

“To love somebody you must be prepared to be honest and open. And Graham was the most honest and open man I’ve ever met.”

'It is because of him I have the name of Watford Football Club etched in my soul. I have memories that are sublime and a sense of achievement that no-one else can ever take away.

'He is a legend in this community, in football and in life. I love you my friend. Thank you for everything.'

With Sir Elton out of the country and unable to attend, this personal message was read by BBC commentator John Motson who added his own populist footnote for a congregation swelled by an estimated 1,500 who had gathered outside St Mary's church in Watford's town centre.

- Guardian/ Telegraph

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