Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dubai Postponed Again, Elton Needs Immediate Medical Procedure

Bad news for Elton John fans… once again!

The legendary singer, who was set to perform his rescheduled concert at the Autism Rocks Arena on January 20, has announced that he won’t be putting on a show for his Dubai fans this month due to “illness”.

Time Out broke the news last month that due to a severe bout of gastric flu, Sir Elton Hercules John postponed his originally scheduled live show for December 15.

Soon after the new date of the performance was set for January 20. But sadly, that’s gone through another round of postponing.

“Although not of a seriously threatening nature, he has been advised by his doctors to schedule a medical procedure to treat his condition immediately,” said the official statement released by 117Live.

However just like the last time, the show hasn’t totally been cancelled, and the new concert date has been set to December 8, 2017. The singer-songwriter is “looking forward to seeing you all there and promises and amazing show”.

All tickets will remain valid for the show later this year.

- Time Out Dubai

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