Monday, November 7, 2016

Molly Meldrum 'Elton Cut Me Off', Luka Sulic Chats About Elton

MOLLY Meldrum has told of being frozen out by Sir Elton John following an explosive Sunday Night interview four years ago.

Their friendship was rocked after comments made off-camera — including the singer describing fellow superstar Madonna as a “fairground stripper” — were broadcast in the program. Sir Elton declined to be interviewed by Meldrum when he toured last year and did not invite him to his concerts.

“Elton understands more now about what happened, but it caused a huge stir because it made world news,” Meldrum said.

“But he was uncomfortable because he still thought I was at fault.”

Meldrum’s life of extraordinary, celebrity-studded adventures is captured in a new book Ah Well, Nobody’s Perfect: The Untold Stories.

- Herald Sun

Young cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, known as 2CELLOS have had a stellar five years. They’ve gone from making huge hit videos on YouTube to touring in front of thousands. The duo are taking the next step in their career by touring Australia in November and will be doing a special show at the Sydney Opera House.

Last week Luka from the duo chatted to us about their newest work to be released on their new album due to be released next year, as well as other huge things, like playing support to Elton John.

What was it like touring with Elton and being his tour buddy?

It was incredibly valuable experience for us. Amazing exposure. We would open the shows in these big arenas around the world. Also, we got used to playing in front of really large crowds and it helped us a lot in what we were doing. To get confidence, to get experience. We wanted to look to see how we could control the crowd and entertain them.

We come from a classical background. We’re used to playing in small places and just being thrown into this rock and roll world. It was amazing for us.

I read that you performed in front of thousands of people. That must have been confronting.

Yes. At the beginning it was stressful and challenging. Over time, you have the PA, you have the screens. They help a lot. We also play electric cellos which are much louder than the acoustic instruments. It’s much easier to amplify them.

Our shows are really loud and I like it that way because we try to be all rock and roll.

You’ve been together for five years and you’ve had lots of success as we’ve described with your support for Elton. Do you think five years ago about how 2Cellos would be at in its success right now?

We didn’t expect everything would get so big so quickly. The first video we did went viral. People started to call Elton John, all the TV shows, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno and all those record labels.

But after that, the real work actually began. The YouTube success was just a shortcut but after that real work came by. We thought about the next steps that we should had taken. We wouldn’t have grown so fast if we did that. We could have ended up being a YouTube sensation but that would have lasted a couple of months, a year or two, nothing more if we didn’t put in the work.

We’ve developed into a serious band, and that I think is cool to think about.

- The AU Review

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