Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Publisher Pays £6M for Elton's Autobiography

Sir Elton John is going to spill the beans about his private life in a long-awaited autobiography — that is if there are any more beans to spill.

The publisher Macmillan is believed to have paid £6 million in a deal brokered by literary agent Andrew ‘the Jackal’ Wylie, famous for his ability to extract huge advances for celebrity clients.

The book will be ghosted by rock critic Alexis Petridis. ‘It is laugh-out-loud funny, full of anecdotes and things you haven’t heard before about Elton,’ says one source close to the deal.

Let’s hope Sir Elton can recall all the details of his glam rock Seventies heyday. Once the most hedonistic of pop stars, he had a 16-year battle with drinks and drugs.

‘I wouldn’t wash, there would be vomit on my dressing gown from bulimia. I had no life.
‘It was pure craziness,’ he has recalled.

‘There would be empty whisky bottles, mirrors with coke on them. I would be desperately searching on the carpet for cocaine.
‘I’d become an animal, a pig.’

Sir Elton was notoriously sexually promiscuous and started the Elton John Aids Foundation in 1992, a charity devoted to fighting the spread of HIV and helping those with the infection, because he got ‘so lucky’.

Elton, born Reg Dwight, married German Renate Blauel in 1984, and divorced her in 1988.
‘I had thought I was bisexual, but then I realised I was basically gay,’ said the songwriter.

Famed for his extravagance, he once blew £30 million in a 20-month spending spree, notching up a £300,000 bill for flowers.

- Daily Mail

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