Sunday, October 9, 2016

Elton to Write Autobiography

A memoir from Elton John is one of the hottest as-yet-unsigned properties from UK agents heading into the Frankfurt Book Fair this year.

Pop superstar John has decided to tell “the full story of his life and extraordinary career with exceptional candor and wit”, acccording his representatives, The Wylie Agency.

John’s book will undoubtedly be the hottest non-fiction property on submission this FBF. It perhaps will not approach Amy Schumer numbers in the run-in to FBF 2015—when S&S US may have paid as much as $10m for North American rights alone to the comedian’s memoir—but the advance will certainly eclipse seven figures. John’s principal agent is Wylie founder Andrew Wylie.

John previously published an autobiographical title, Love is the Cure (Hodder), in 2012. That book was narrowly focused on the pop star’s experiences of losing friends to AIDS during the height of the disease’s epidemic. It did not set the charts on fire, however, shifting just 2,800 units through Nielsen BookScan.

- The Book Seller


Komer Growl said...

The world already knows everything, plus there have been many other books. This one won't sell anymore than the last one. You would think that with a few years left in his career, he would get his famous friends (old and new) together and do concerts for charity. It seems that would raise more money than parties with the likes of Charlie (drug addict) Sheen. But, alas, no, he repeats the same songs and does the same concerts he's been doing for 46 years, the only way it seems he can pad his fanny pack full of money that David carries around for him.

Anonymous said...

I am one who is looking forward to Elton's viewpoint. I am looking forward to thoughts of the times and how he believes he could have done things differently, had he known the long term outcome as well as the short term.

Unknown said...

@Komer Growl:

If Elton John frustrates you that much then you really dont need to visit the website you know.

Anonymous said...

Same concerts he's been doing for 46 years? Same music yes, but every show is different. The energy that he still has after all of these years is unbelievable and his voice has never sounded better. Obviously he isn't washed up yet as he can still sell out every show he plays. I, for one, am looking forward to his story as much I did "Love Is the Cure". If you have ever lost a friend or family member to AIDS you would have a greater appreciation for the work that he has and continues to do bring awareness to this dreadful disease.