Thursday, September 29, 2016

Elton to Perform at Hillary Clinton's Last Fundraiser

Legendary singer Elton John will perform at a fund-raising event for US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on October 13. This is expected to be Ms Clinton's final visit before the November 8 election, reports Variety.

Tickets for the event are priced at $33,400 per person, and include dinner. The $100,000-per-person tickets include a co-chair reception and premium dinner seating.

Mr Clinton was to attend a series of fund-raising events earlier this month, including an event at the home of Seth MacFarlane, but she took time off the campaign trail to recover from pneumonia. Former President Bill Clinton headlined the events then.

Proceeds from the fund-raiser will go to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint committee of her campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state party committees.



Anonymous said...

Elton - I love you Man. I have been to many of your concerts and will attend more in the future... but even if the tickets gave just $10 to Clinton, I would not attend.

Komer Growl said...

Elton, you "souled-out" years ago, and became nothing more than an oldies-playing robot, who seems to be only interested in the $$$. You are not creative, only derivative. You promise one thing and do another. Why are you adding date after date of concerts and extending your Vegas gig when you claimed you wanted to stay around your kids and be a "father"? Why do you play the same (give or take a very small percentage) 20 or 25 songs at your shows? (And this is for the past 25 or more years?) Why do you shoot your mouth off about other artists, concert security, etc. etc. Why are there lawsuits against you for sexual battery/harrassment. You admitted to addictions in the 70's and 80's for alchohol, cocaine, other drugs, bulimia (sic), sexual addiction, etc. You seemed to have beat the drugs and booze, but did you get treatment for the sexual addiction? In May 2017 the trial in L.A. starts for your sexual battery case. Why in your 70th year are we, the fans and ex-fans having to put up with this shit? There is much more that bothers me about the present day version of yourself, but the final straw for me is your support for HRC. You know nothing about American politics, and neither does that lyric writer of yours who now sells paintings and could care less about meaningful songs to give you. You seem upset that your latest albums haven't sold...well guess what, we are SICK of you, your agenda, your comments, your attitudes, your holier than thou approach.

Anonymous said...

Komer - Too harsh. Elton is just responding to what people want. People want to relive these times of their past and these songs do that for them. Elton's sets deliver the expectations of the ticket buyers (myself included). He adds some new or less played tracks for the variety and to spark added interest... This is all very different conversation from my first posting here, where I DO enjoy Elton's songs, I will NOT sell out this country for them.

Komer Growl said...

Hello, Anon...Let me ask you this: Do you enjoy his personality, his political stance, his treatment of others, his upcoming trial, etc? Secondly, you didn't answer any of my questions in the above post. I know he plays a couple of songs from his latest album, but even then, those songs we recorded in Jan. 2015, so they are almost 2 years old. But 80 to 90 percent of his set list are THE SAME songs he has played for 40+ years. Why do you think that is?

Anonymous said...

Komer - I don't know Elton personally. I do know that I like his music, and that listening to it pleases me. I am not for Hillary Clinton, and the start of all this was about Elton playing a fundraiser for her. My note was expressing that while I like Elton's music, I will not support Clinton. I don't know nor follow what the "news" organizations are saying about Elton and the allocations against him, because I have learned to not trust the media. I will see what comes of the court proceedings, I suppose, but even that will not change how the music sounds to me. Komer - I am not with you nor against you, this is just me. All of us are different and have different views and that is ok.

Komer Growl said...

I respect that, I just have a different view than you. I was once a very big fan, it started for me in 1974. The first album I ever owned was Honky Chateau. Up until 2 or 3 years ago, I still bought everything he put out. Now I see things differently, and almost feel "used" in a weird sort if way, because fans from the early days were lied to about many aspects of his life...etc. I understand if that doesn't matter to you, because you get enjoyment out of the songs (old or new). But since this blog is called "Elton Daily" and posts ALL his activities, not just music, I feel this is one of the very few places I can speak out. If anyone wants to get into why early fans of his feel lied to, I will certainly tell you. thanks for the convo