Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trial Date Set in LAPD Officer’s Sexual Battery Lawsuit Against Elton John

Elton John received a May 17 trial date for his battle with the Los Angeles police officer suing him for sexual battery.

A judge assigned the date after first alerting both sides that he had a connection to the "Tiny Dancer" singer.

"I did attend an Elton John concert maybe 25 years ago," Judge Howard Halm said at a hearing Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, adding that crooner Billy Joel also performed.

"I think I went to one, too," the lawyer for plaintiff Jeffrey Wenninger also confessed.

John's lawyers said they hoped to avoid a trial by filing a motion for summary judgment at the end of the discovery process.

Wenninger, 49, sued the British musician, 69, for sexual battery in March.

He claimed John touched him inappropriately on multiple occasions while he was working as an off-duty security guard for the "I'm Still Standing" singer.

He alleged that during a ride to the airport in March 2014, John groped him in the area of his crotch and buttocks while stating, "Say Hello to Uncle Elton."

Wenninger claimed John also twisted his nipples during a subsequent car ride.

John's lawyers have called the lawsuit "baseless" and "patently false."

Wenninger received an LAPD Medal of Valor in 2007 for entering a burning building in 1996 to help rescue dozens of elderly residents.

But the cop was accused of abusive behavior by an ex-wife who won a temporary restraining order November 2002 after claiming Wenninger flicked water in her face and screamed profanities at her.

- New York Daily News

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