Monday, June 20, 2016

Elton's Tribute to Orlando Massacre

During his concert at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on June 14, Elton spoke to the audience about his feelings about the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and its aftermath.

'I have something to say, so bear with me.

In recent months I’ve been working on a project for my [Elton John AIDS] Foundation called “Love and Bravery” with Lady Gaga. It’s about having the love to accept everyone for who they are, especially people who are different from you, and the bravery to show it.

When a horror like this massacre in Orlando comes along, great agony crashes across the world like a tsunami…and great grief. We feel shock, angry and we’re devastatingly sad for the people who died and for the loved ones who are mourning.

What I find extraordinary, and what really gives me strength and hope, is that immediately behind that devastation came a different wave – a rainbow-coloured wave of love and bravery. From Istanbul to Tel Aviv, from Sydney Opera House to the Eiffel Tower…to the Empire State Building and the White House.

So tonight, while I would like to honour and mourn the LGBT community lost in Orlando, and the loss of everyone who has been a victim of hate and stigma and dogma, I would like to say tonight we are winning the fight against prejudice, prejudice and darkness, because their rainbow-wave around the world tells me that we can, and we will, win against these people.'

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