Monday, June 20, 2016

Davey to Stop Musinq Blog

To all you wonderful people who have written in with great questions, observations, etc., I’m sorry to say, I no longer have time to address your posts — we are embarking on the last few years of the LONG and winding road of my career with Elton. I guess we’re looking at roughly another 3-4 years and then gracefully fade away ( at least that’s the plan! ) I hope you’ve enjoyed our connection as much as I have. In the roughly 5 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve really only had one or two negative posts out of several thousand, so thanks for being so articulate and interested.

In signing off I must thank Denny Seiwell, Jeff Silverman, and Tommy Onyx for making this forum possible, and I sincerely hope all you fans and interested parties understand my reasons for having to wind it up now.

Keep the faith and I’ll see you out on the rocky road!

Much love and respect,
Davey Johnstone

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