Friday, May 20, 2016

Elton Hints at Retirement

Elton John hinted at retirement from touring on Thursday night, as he appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

Revealing that he aims to put his close knit family first, the 69-year-old married musician said that he would not globe trot forever because he wanted to see his two young sons grow up.

Elton made his musical debut over 45 years ago, but he helped Welsh musician Bright Light Bright Light make his first television appearance on the night, as they performed duet All In The Name.

Asked if the forthcoming tour is a 'farewell tour', Elton said: 'Not necessarily. I like playing and I'm a working musician and I love to do it.

'If you're feeling fresh and energetic do it while you can. I'm not going to do it forever because I want to see my boys grow up.'

- Daily Mail

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