Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rare Elton Vinyl Releases Coming Soon

UK fans are in for a treat this forthcoming Record Store Day – Saturday 16th April – when not one but two Elton-related limited-edition vinyl releases hit high street stores.

First up, there’s a reproduction 7” of Bluesology’s 1965 ultra-rare Come Back Baby on Fontana, dating back to the days Elton was still known as Reg Dwight. This title, recorded by Elton’s first professional band, has the distinction of being the first released recording which Elton wrote and appeared on; he plays piano and sings lead vocal.

Also available (and in the US as well) will be a 12” re-pressing of 1979’s The Thom Bell Sessions ‘77. The three-song EP includes the full-length original of Are You Ready For Love, as well as mixes of Three Way Love Affair and Mama Can’t Buy You Love not found on The Complete Thom Bell Sessions CD released in 1989.

More details will be announced as Record Store Day approaches.


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