Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lady Gaga Credits Elton for Support, Elton Role May be Part of Upcoming Molly Meldrum TV Series

Tony Bennett and Elton John helped lift Lady Gaga's spirits as she struggled with the disappointing release of her album Artpop.

The pop superstar initially scored a chart hit with her third studio project, but it received mixed reviews and suffered a large drop in sales after its first week of release, prompting some critics to deem the album a failure.

Gaga hit back at the criticism, insisting detractors simply failed to understand the concept of Artpop, and now she reveals her close pals Tony and Elton were among the only industry friends who offered her their support and encouragement.

"There is nobody more bada** than Tony Bennett," she tells Billboard magazine. "That man is a part of the history of music in a way that is extremely powerful, and he taught me to stay true to who I am, to not let anybody exploit me.

"He is responsible in so many ways for making me happy, and I can say the same for Elton. When the whole industry turned their back on me during Artpop, they were the ones who said, 'Hey, this is a blip. It's going to go away'."

Gaga bounced back from the career setback by recording the Grammy Award-winning Cheek To Cheek album with Tony Bennett, and she reveals her fans frequently thank her for introducing them to the veteran crooner.

"On tour, I had people give me war medals and memorabilia just to thank me for exposing a younger generation to Tony Bennett because he changed their lives in such significant ways," she explains.

- Fiji Times

One of the most eagerly anticipated TV series of the new year is Molly, a new Channel 7 venture which recounts the incredible life story of Australian music industry icon Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum.

With a killer soundtrack packed with hits from the likes of Stevie Wright, Billy Thorpe, Skyhooks, and more, Molly chronicles some of the most famous and even iconic moments in Meldrum’s career.

One story we’re definitely hoping to see brought to life is the time Molly ruined Elton John’s party, a tale recently recounted by Stuart Coupe, author of Gudinski: The Godfather of Australian Rock, for News Corp.

“It was back in the 1980s and as was fairly common in those days, major record labels seemed to have a thing for boat cruises,” Coupe, who also penned The Promoters: Inside stories from the Australian rock industry, recounted to News Corp.

“They would take the artist and the management and a bunch of media and key record label staff out on harbour cruises which were incredibly tedious, because if it wasn’t fun you couldn’t get off for hours.”

“In this particular instance with Elton John, Molly Meldrum was running late. The boat had left and was somewhere out on Sydney Harbour.” If you’re not familiar with Molly’s career, just know he’s not exactly known for his grace under pressure.

“Molly, without thinking about the implications of what he was about to do, thought that the best way for him to join Elton on the boat was to get the water police to help take him out to the boat where he would jump on board.”

So we have a party boat filled with musicians and other music industry stakeholders out on the open waters and Molly has decided it’s a good idea to hitch a ride with a boat full of cops and bring it right on over.

“Molly was blissfully unaware that everybody on board that boat, who may or may not have been hoovering huge amounts of cocaine and other drugs, saw the police boat heading towards them at a rapid rate and immediately got rid of the pharmaceuticals they had, either by flushing them down the loo or throwing it overboard,” said Coupe.

“When Molly climbed aboard he was somewhat surprised that he wasn’t greeted with a warm hug, because it was obviously going to be a fairly dull next few hours on the harbour.”

- Tone Deaf

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