Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Elton to Discuss Coconut Water Venture

It has been reported that Sir Elton John is planning to meet with Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment to discuss a joint coconut water venture during the English pop legend’s visit to Korea.

According to JYP, Elton John, who is in town to perform at the Understage in Itaewon, Seoul, is hoping to meet with the Korean music mogul. He is planning to discuss business with Park regarding the coconut water brand Jax Coco, in which both are shareholders.

JYP, lead by Park Jin-young, and Jing Holdings, the parent company of Jax Coco, established Jax Coco Korea together in April, bringing coconut water to Korea. Elton John is one of the main shareholders in Jing Holdings.

Officials at JYP commented on the meeting between Elton John and Park Jin-young. “The corporate headquarters of Jax Coco and Jax Coco Korea are trying to set a date so that these two individuals who have music in common can meet. Elton John used to participate in the business actively, so once the date for his gig in Korea was set, attempts were made to set up a meeting. However, a specific date hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

Other than discussion related to business, just like some pop stars that perform on an exclusive stage just for VIPs, the idea of Elton John and Park Jin-young performing together also came up.

However, officials say that the possibility seems low, as Elton John already has a jam-packed schedule.

Elton John’s performance, staged at an intimate venue that can hold only 500 people, is already sold out. The singer will be performing with the same band that has backed him for most of his career.

- Korea BizWire

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