Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Elton Mourns Alain Toussaint, Featured in Sunday Times Feature

The Elton John Aids Foundation has been backed financially by the US president for the first time, with a $5m donation towards its campaigns against HIV, Aids and homophobia. Iain Dey talks to Sir Elton and David Furnish about their family, their work — and that conversation with “Putin”

David Furnish is still irritated that he let his husband, Sir Elton John, talk to a fake Vladimir Putin. “That was quite an elaborate hoax,” he says, wagging a bejewelled finger at me across the table. “We did check it out and it stood the first acid test. They had the right names and the right phone numbers.

“The minute the call came in, I said, ‘Please, please, let’s make sure this isn’t a hoax,’ because we all remembered the fake Sarah Palin call with Sarkozy.”

When it did transpire that Elton John had been duped, it made headlines. “Then, of course, the real Putin did call,” Furnish adds. “He was lovely and polite; he was very, very gracious on the phone.”

- More at The Sunday Times

One of the greats has gone. Irreplaceable. Thanks for all the years of wonderful music. The lights go dim over New Orleans. Elton John speaking about Alain Toussaint.

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