Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Elton Has Never Been Asked to Play Glastonbury, Check Out His Interview with Brandon Flowers

Sir Elton John has revealed that he has never been asked to play the Glastonbury music festival.

Asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme if he would play at Glastonbury, he said: “I’ve never been asked ... so I can’t answer that question until they ask me.”

Sir Elton also blasted politicians in Northern Ireland over same-sex marriage, saying they “need to get their act together”.

He told presenter Justin Webb: “If it can be voted for in southern Ireland by two to one, it’s not the public vote, it’s by the politicians, and the politicians need to get their act together and enter the 21st century. I’m sure if there was a vote for the public to vote in, it would sail in, as it would in Australia.”

When asked if he would perform in Northern Ireland, he said: “Yeah, of course, I’m a musician, not a politician. I bring hope through music. I’m not a politician, but I will speak out for rights, as and when I can, and I’ll speak about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights as I’m an elderly gay citizen.”

- Scotsman

Elton John, international icon, activist, and host of Elton John’s Rocket Hour on Apple Music’s Beats 1, welcomes his first Beats 1 guest on Monday as Brandon Flowers stops by. EW is excited to premiere an excerpt from the interview below.

The two have formed a friendship as John has become a semi-regular resident of Sin City with his performances and Flowers was raised and still resides there. “When Brandon makes a record — whether its for The Killers or on his own — he comes and plays me the album,” John says early in the conversation. “Usually I’m very happy and excited to hear it. And I usually play mine to him. So it’s like ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!’”

John interviews Flowers about more than just his terrific 2015 release The Desired Effect, as well. In discussing his musical formation, Flowers says, “You always hear about resistance people get from their parents,” Flowers begins. “And I think [mine] were just so excited by it all. We played everywhere from seedy dive bars to transvestite clubs when we were first starting out and my mom and dad came to every one of those gigs.”

They go on to discuss Flowers listening to John as a young kid, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Flowers’ past as a Las Vegas Bell Boy, and what it takes to catch a break in music.

- ew

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