Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Buy a Statue of Elton Crapping

Spain's 2015 Christmas 'caganers' have been unveiled, a ceramic decoration that pays cheeky homage to some of the world's most famous faces - and bottoms.

A host of politicians, celebrities and famous characters have been immortalized in a centuries old tradition from northeastern Spain.

The caganers or 'crappers' are a popular nativity scene decoration in Catalonia, where a defecating figure perched behind Mary and Joseph is said to symbolize fertilization, as well as bringing luck and prosperity for the year ahead.

Also immortalized in ceramic is British Prime Minister David Cameron and classic literary character Sherlock Holmes, as well as Princess Leia, Elton John and U2's Bono.

Last year's hit crapper was US President Barack Obama. Other top-sellers include the Queen of England and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

If you want to get your hands on a crapper for your own crib they are available online for between €12 and €16, as well as at many Christmas markets throughout Spain.

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