Friday, October 16, 2015

David Furnish; 'Vladimir Putin is Genuinely Lovely'

Elton John’s husband David Furnish has claimed that Vladimir Putin is ‘polite’ and ‘genuinely lovely’.

The Russian President phoned John to discuss setting up a meeting after the singer was duped by pranksters pretending to be him.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards this week, Furnish said: “Putin is lovely. He and Elton spoke on the phone and the Kremlin have confirmed that.

“Now they’re trying to get a date in the diary to talk face to face.”

Furnish, 52, went on to say: “That may surprise people but I take people as I find them and he was so polite and lovely on the phone.

“He’s genuinely lovely. Besides, this isn’t about politics – I’m not a politician – it’s about humanity.”

- Standard

Rod Stewart is backing up his friend Sir Elton John, after the Rocket Man singer challenged Vlaidmir Putin to discuss Russia’s anti-gay laws.

The veteran singer, who has a large following in Russia, fell victim to a hoax last month he asked President Putin to meet with him to discuss his country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law and persecution of LGBT people.

The real Vladimir Putin later called him to discuss LGBT rights – and offered to meet with the singer in future.

Rod Stewart, who performed a concert with Sir Elton amid the confusion, said that his friend had had the “last laugh”.

He told Event Magazine: “Elton had the last laugh there!

“But Elton’s making the effort so I admire him for that – maybe it’ll bring gay rights to the Russian public’s attention. Someone needs to.”

He also referenced the pair’s close friendship, revealing Sir Elton tried to convince Stewart he too was gay “all the time” during the height of their careers.

He added: “But he never tried it on with me, even though I was quite fanciable back then.
“But God, we had some great, late nights. You’ve never laughed so much. Or drank so much.”

- Pink News

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