Sunday, July 26, 2015

Billy Joel: "I Think Elton's a Little Scared of Me"

Q: He [Elton] did slag you in the press a few years ago, saying you were responsible for the tour getting canceled.

Billy Joel: He does that with everybody. He runs off at the mouth and regrets it later. We made up a long time ago. We sat down and I was like, “Don’t throw your friends under the bus.”

Q: What was that meeting like?

BJ: He was concerned. I think he’s a little scared of me sometimes, like, “What’s he going to do?” We’d have these friendly ­go-rounds where he’d say, “Why don’t you put out more albums?” And I’d say, “Why don’t you put out less?” I’d tie his shoes on stage while he’s playing the piano—just to try and f— him up.

Q: In July you broke his record for most solo performances at Madison Square Garden and celebrated by covering his song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” Were you being playfully shady?

BJ:That was really an homage. He’s, like, the guy before me! He was the piano player before I was a Piano Man. I felt humbled by it—to play 65 times and beat his record. I thought, “I’d like to tip my hat to the man.”

- EW

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