Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Never Heard Early Elton Song at Auction 'Smokestack Children'

You may be lucky in finding this song on an album somewhere, but I have not found one yet. Amazingly, even the lyrics seem largely unknown with many sites requesting access to them. Where is this song anywhere? I have not found it! I imagine it to have been made around 1968.

This was Elton John discovering who he was musically. He was forging out an identity for himself and living in passionate, enthusiastic hope. According to a documentary on TV, Elton was taking copies of acetates around to radio station presenters and producers and 'throwing' them at them. He was giving them away, in the hope that someone would play the song on the radio or in their home and take a personal liking to his material. The history of Elton John would not be complete without this song, or I guess, this particular disc. So, exactly what happens when it appears on e'bay we will have to wait and see. I imagine the demand will be from all over the world. Is there another in existence? Maybe, but where it is? Who knows? Why, when there is so much early Elton material on cd available now, could I not locate a published reference? (Check that last detail for yourself to be sure).

Written on the brown sleeve are the printed in block capitals the words Elt John. There is little resemblance to Elton's published known handwriting.

If you look at the signature on the bottom right, there is a half moon shape to the letter E. By coincidence perhaps, the E of Elt on the sleeve is also curved in a similar way. I can say no more on that as there is no other supporting evidence at this time and it is very vague. Was it an Elton doodle?

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