Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Billy Elliot Film Planned, Elton Gives Brooklyn Decker Baby Name Advice

Elton John has revealed plans for a big screen adaptation of his stage show Billy Elliot the Musical.
Speaking after the show's 10th anniversary performance, Sir Elton told the BBC: "It would be lovely to do a film version.

"There are other songs that we had had to leave out of the musical that would be great in the film."

Speaking after Tuesday's gala performance, Sir Elton joked he would like to play the eccentric grandmother in the new film.

He added: "You can only do so much on stage with the material you've got and the length of the show, so I think if one did a movie of this show it would be nice to change some things and maybe put something fresh in."

Sir Elton, who was accompanied by husband and show producer David Furnish, revealed he had "just written" a new musical. He gave no further details.


Brooklyn Decker thinks Sir Elton John wants her child's life to be "a living hell".

The model-and-actress is currently expecting her first baby with her tennis player husband Andy Roddick, who she tied the knot with in 2009. It's an exciting time for the couple and they're open to any suggestions, even when it comes to names.

"We have been given some advice by, actually a fellow Englishman of yours, Mr Sir Elton John," Brooklyn smiled to James Corden on The Late Late Show. "My husband has a foundation and Elton came to play at his foundation, which was pretty incredible, and he was giving us advice. Basically, [he suggests] Elton, any name from Lord of the Rings, and anything that starts with an R so the child has a difficult time pronouncing their own name. So basically he wants to make this kid's life a living hell. Which is fine with me because that's what they're there for, to mess with."

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