Thursday, May 21, 2015

Elton Goes Back to School

You might have cringed at the idea of showing up at your school reunion – but it seems that wasn’t an issue for Elton John.

Because the singing superstar took time out of his schedule to attend his over the weekend, flying over from Las Vegas to join his old classmates 50 years after they left school.

Elton, who attended Pinner County Grammar School in the 1950s – back when he was plain old Reginald Dwight – even shared snaps of the occasion via his Instagram account as he posed with members of the Class of 1958.

‘Lunch at home with dear old school friends. Many of whom I haven’t seen for 50 years! It was as if we never left school.’

He added: ‘So much laughter and so many wonderful memories. #ShareTheLove #PinnerCountyGrammarSchool #Classof58′

Elton – who left school aged 17 to persue a career in music – also posted a photo with his ‘oldest pal Keith Francis’, saying: ‘A wonderful, loyal friend for 57 years and still counting!

‘He flew all the way from Australia for our class reunion. Love you so much,’ he added.

- Metro

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