Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bright Light Bright Light to Support Elton for UK Tour

Sir Elton John has announced that Bright Light Bright Light will join him for his forthcoming live shows.

Bright Light Bright Light is set to open the show in Maidstone, Colwyn Bay, Gloucester, Cardiff, Walsall, Westmorland, St. Austell, Kendal, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

- Gloucester Citizen

Queerty: You recently wrapped up your world tour opening for Elton John and are about to go out with him again in the U.K. for a month. How’s it been?

Rod Thomas: It’s just crazy, and a lot of fun. The audiences reacted a lot better than I thought they would. When you’re the opening act of someone like him, no one really goes to see an opening act for him.

Did you have any bad experiences?

No, it was amazing. His audiences range so much in terms of background, age, sexuality, gender, financial position — he’s one of the only people that straddles that entire spectrum. There’s such a wonderful mix of people in that room there’s always somebody you can connect with. I got such good feedback on Facebook and Twitter and so did the records. There was a lovely warmth in the room, and his team looked after us like family.

His taped introduction for you was quite touching.

It’s very hard to stay straight-faced in the presence of that because you feel … I never expected to have any contact with him. He didn’t tell me he was doing it. It came on, and it was absolutely insane. So amazing. It helped a lot with sales, and people following on social media and presence and awareness.

What does that do to help the cause of Bright Light Bright Light?

Rod: It’s a good question because a lot of people will ‘like’ stuff though they won’t necessarily interact, but people were engaging more with photos on Instagram and people posting stuff. Each social media has the same handle, brightlightx2, and there was a shift in terms of engagement. It wasn’t like I had 100,000 more followers, but I’ve seen people that have had that who haven’t noticed any difference in sales or reposts or whatever.

But you did?

Yeah. Sale in the venues go towards the Billboard charts in America, so I entered around 80 on the New Artist chart before the tour. I went back in at 81 at the end of tour.

- Queerty

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