Saturday, January 10, 2015

Patti LaBelle Cooked for Elton

Soul legend PATTI LABELLE used to cook for her pianist, ELTON JOHN, at the start of his career after taking all his money in card games.

The Lady Marmalade singer has a reputation as one of music's best cooks and she turned Elton into a huge fan of her food during a club residency in London in the 1960s.

She says, "He was my piano player back in the day and I made food for him when we were in London.

"We played a club in London for months and of course they (band members) had no money because I would play cards and take all their money. They didn't have many pounds to buy food and so I would feed them."

And LaBelle reveals Elton never returned her dishes: "He took my Tupperware home... He didn't give me the Tupperware back... but I got a diamond ring instead."

The singer also cooked up treats for the Rolling Stones when she toured with the rockers, explaining, "Mick (Jagger) heard I was a great cook and so I showed him I was. I fed them all."

- New Magazine

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