Monday, December 1, 2014

Photos from Elton in Oslo, Elton Daily Might be Returning Soon

Dear All,

My new career and life is well underway and I now have a little free time. I want to share with you my photos and a quick snippet of Elton's concert in Oslo, Norway that I managed to attend last month. It was an impressive concert, Elton had incredible energy and stamina and shook up the set list with a very special solo set of three wonderful songs. Davey had a sore back but he and the band put everything into delivering another outstanding performance.

I am considering brining this blog back to life. Do you think it is worth my time? Are there better sources for news these days? Is this site redundant? Please give me your comments at the bottom of this post and I will consider all options and suggestions.

Many thanks to those of you who supported me over the last eight years.



Jim Martin said...

I'd check it out everyday for any new EJ News if you bring it back, so no, for me personally it wouldn't be redundant.


Anonymous said...

Yes please I missed you

nutter said...

Love the pictures! Great to have you back. Even the occasional update would be brilliant. Thanks.

Georgie said...

Yes please I miss this blog! Plus I'm really confident he'll tour here after Wellington. Thoughts??

madge said...

have missed your site lots, you always have done an excellent job, i'm happy with anything you do, you are a professional, i love anything about elton, he is brilliant, i have tickets for nov 2015 in n.z. cannot wait. love margaret x

madge said...

i have missed your site, you are very profesional, i look forward to seeing the same info, as you do it very well, i love anything about elton, i have tickets for nov in n.z. 2015, how about you charge a small yearly fee.