Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Elton Daily Is Back!

Thanks so much for all the kind words folks!

You have encouraged me to get back on the horse. I will do my best to update the site as often as time permits.

I will not be back-posting any news issued prior to December 2.

Much love to you all,



Anonymous said...

Terrific to have you back! Missed your posts...hope all is well.



Tom C said...

Thanks for your informative posts and insights.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the best Elton News Site back up and running! You are possibly the most selfless beautiful human on this earth Paul and we are all so grateful for your tireless work. Looking forward to checking eltondaily everyday again! You are a wonderful man. Tate x

Paul Jelicich said...

Thanks Tate. Are you Tate from Canberra?