Friday, July 25, 2014

Molly Meldrum's New Autobiography to Include Elton Tales

MOLLY Meldrum has finally finished his autobiography — 35 years after he started writing it.
The book, titled The Never Um ... Ever Ending Story will be released on October 22.

It will centre on Meldrum’s years working on iconic music TV show CountDown and is the source material for next year’s Channel 7 CountDown/Molly miniseries.

Co-author Jeff Jenkins started working on the book in 1998, however Meldrum began writing notes for his memoirs in 1979.

The book has been nicknamed Chinese Democracy, after the Guns’N’Roses album that took 15 years to complete.

“It has been a long journey,” Jenkins said. “The book documents how a country boy named Ian became Molly and shaped the Australian music industry. I’m really proud of the book. There will never be another CountDown. The book celebrates a time in Australian music that will never be repeated.”

Jenkins interviewed over 100 people who share their stories about Molly, including some who have now passed away including Masters Apprentices singer Jim Keays, 1960s pop star Lynne Randell (who worked as Meldrum’s PA) and iconic DJ Stan Rofe.

Meldrum’s first girlfriend is also interviewed in the book, as well as the behind the scenes tales of classic CountDown moments including the Prince Charles interview, Cold Chisel trashing the set and a “refreshed” Iggy Pop being interviewed by Meldrum.

An entire chapter is devoted to the late Michael Jackson; he and Meldrum forged a long friendship. There are also never-before-heard anecdotes about Meldrum’s famous friends including Madonna, Elton John and Rod Stewart.

CountDown gave international acts Madonna, ABBA, Blondie and John Cougar their first exposure anywhere in the world.

The book will also feature a chapter on Meldrum’s near-death experience falling off the roof at his house in 2011.

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