Friday, July 25, 2014

Donny Osmond, Manic Street Preachers Want to Work with Elton

Donny Osmond will celebrate fifty years in show business with his new album, Soundtrack of My Life, out January 13, 2015 on Verve.

According to Osmond, each track on the album tells a story about his life in the music business. While a full track list has not been released, a press release talks about Stevie Wonder's My Cherie Amour, which was the first record Osmond ever bought and he has even was able to get Wonder to play harmonica on the track.

Also on the album is Michael Jackson's Ben which was originally offered to Osmond but he was not able to accept because he was touring, so Jackson recorded the song himself.
Peter Gabriel's Don't Give Up is included as Osmond's wife uses the song to encourage Donny, as is Elton John's Your Song, the song that Osmond heard at one of his concerts at the moment he knew he would marry his wife (and she was going out with Donny's brother at the time).

The album also will include three originals.


Manic Street Preachers have opened up about their dream collaborations, listing Morrissey, Jimmy Page, and Elton John among their ideal to work with.

The arena punk icons have recorded an increasingly impressive array of collaborations over the years, especially on their most recent albums Postcards From A Young Man, Rewind The Film and Futurology - with Cate Le Bon, Scritti Politti's Green Gartside, Richard Hawley, Lucy Rose, Ian McCulloch and German actress Nina Hoss among them.

Speaking to Gigwise about if they had any hopes for future collaborations, bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire said: "There are, but I just get the feeling that maybe next time around, that if we do make another record that it might just be the three of us, just making as many gigantic rock riffs as humanly possible, maybe with Jimmy Page."

He continued: "There are loads. It's always been well-documented, whether it's Morrissey, and I always think that we could write a really great track for Madonna. There are tonnes but you've got to be careful that you don't just become songwriters. We've always been obsessed with the notion of being a band, so we don't want to dilute it too much.

Frontman James Dean Bradfield continued: "We liked the idea of doing a song with Elton John at one point, didn't we?

Wire replied: "We did. We wanted to re-record 'Little Baby Nothing' with Elton John singing Traci Lords' part, but then he went and worked with Alice In Chains which is the maddest collaboration ever, so it wasn't that ridiculous."

- Gigwise

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