Thursday, June 26, 2014

Elton & David's Massive Mid-Air Fight Never Happened

“Elton John and his hubby David Furnish got into an epic fight aboard their flight” to Bonnaroo last weekend, claim RadarOnline and the National Enquirer.

An “insider” tells the sister outlets that the couple “flew a few friends with them to the gig” last weekend, but John supposedly became “pissed” when one of the pal’s was late for the trip.

“He got super annoyed and even more so when David told him he was basically acting like a brat,” the alleged source tells the Enquirer and RadarOnline, which claim “that’s when all hell broke loose.”

The so-called “insider” alleges, “David calling out Elton sent him into a huge rage,” with the singer going as far as “threatening to pull the plug on funding for his Elton John AIDS Foundation… knowing it’s one of the things that means the most to David.”

The tipster says that John ultimately “went in a separate part of the plane for a while and cooled off,” and “when he came back out he played if off by making a joke about it.”

“It’s a common occurrence between Elton and David, but definitely went further than their friends had seen before,” alleges the publications’ snitch.

Here’s what’s true about this story: Elton John performed at Bonnaroo.

Here’s what’s not true about this story: Everything else.

No such fight took place because Furnish wasn’t on the plane — or even in this country.

A rock-solid source exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “David was in the UK when this supposedly took place, and not on any flight to Bonnaroo.”

Stressing that the claims are “100 percent incorrect,” our pal says it’s especially galling that the outlets tried to drag in the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

“Elton has supported this foundation forever, and would never ever, ever, ever pull his funding,” we’re told.

Perhaps recognizing that its story was both wrong and potentially libelous, RadarOnline has since pulled it from its website.

- Gossip Cop

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