Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Diving Board in Running for Best Record Sleeve of The Year

Having released some of 2013’s biggest-selling records, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Daft Punk are now among artists in the running for the Best Art Vinyl 2013 prize.

Now in its ninth year, Art Vinyl puts record sleeve designs to a public vote in an effort to find the year’s best cover.

A 50-strong shortlist has been drawn up, with big-name pop stars alongside lesser-known groups such as FYRNASK, Ras G and Pissed Jeans. Designers on the shortlist include Big Active, Leif Podhajsky and YES.

Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps suggests that the award is ‘possibly the most credible end-of-year award, where the artistic merits of the completely unknown can sit alongside big names in music – albeit in celebration of their visual identity’.

Elton John - The Diving Board - Art direction and design by Mat Maitland at Big Active. Creative director for Elton John - Tony King. Photography by Tim Barber

- Design Week

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