Monday, March 18, 2013

Elton John Celebrates PA's Birthday Party

GENEROUS Elton John splashed out £250,000 on a champagne-fuelled dinner party for his valet.

The 65-year-old pop star held the 1920s-themed bash to ­celebrate the birthday of Mike Hewitson.

Mike, who Elton affectionately calls “Brenda”, has worked for the singer for many years and the pair have become good friends.

The bash, attended by nearly 90 pals, was held at Mosimann’s, the private dining club in London’s Belgravia, run by Prince Charles’ favourite chef Anton Mosimann.

Guests tucked into a candlelit five-course meal served on gold plates beneath the branches of real trees.

Bunches of grapes hung from walls covered in organza drapes and designer decorations of white roses and hydrangeas decked the tables.

The lavish d├ęcor in the ­converted church was classic ­Elton, who is known for his ­extravagant clothes, fancy dress and spending sprees.

Tables were set with five glasses per person but despite spending a fortune on fine wines, teetotal ­Elton drank just water and left the party early.

Celebrity party planner Steven Duggan said: “The party was amazing and all a bit Versace.

“Elton was seated in a corner so he could see the whole room and had security guards near him and his partner David Furnish. There was a champagne ­reception and dinner with real birch trees in the middle of the tables. It looked fantastic.

“It was quite funny as Elton doesn’t drink and just had water.

“He even left early, about 11pm or midnight. He was one of the first to leave.” Steven and his brother Alan of stevenduggan spent hours planning every detail.

They even covered windows on the doors with reflector film so any passing fans could not see in.

- Daily Star

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