Saturday, February 23, 2013

No More Kids for David & Elton

Don't expect Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish to be making anymore baby announcements.

"We're done," Furnish told me earlier today while promoting this year's Oscar viewing party benefit for the Elton John AIDS Foundation (more on that tomorrow!). "That I can confirm. No more. We're complete."

Complete is 2-year-old son Zachary and baby Elijah, who was born just six weeks ago.

"Elijah's great!" Furnish said. "He's gorgeous. He smiled this morning. There's that thing where they're out of the womb but then they really wake up. He's so engaged in people now. He's a really happy little guy." (Furnish showed me a pic of Elijah smiling—he is friggin' adorable!)

But how's Zachary doing with the new addition? "He's ,but also he's a little jealous if [Elijah] gets too much attention," Furnish said. "So we're sharing the love a lot, which is good because we all need to learn to share more love."

At the same time, Zachary is quite the big brother already. "He's protective and concerned," Furnish said. "If Elijah is crying a lot, he'll say, 'Is baby Elijah OK?' He likes to hold him and he likes to cuddle him."

Too cute!

So is there really no chance of more kids?
Furnish cracked, "I got my tubes tied."

- E Online

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