Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elton's Rehearsing with the Band UPDATE

UPDATE: John Mahon has confirmed that this rehearsal is actually a studio session, recording new material for a movie and a new Elton John Aids Foundation theme song.

According to Davey Johnstone, Musical Director for The Elton John Band 'me and EJ, Bernie Taupin, Nigel and Matt were recording all day today – sounds really killer….'

Although it is uncertain as to whether or not this rehearsal is part of new content for the South American tour or whether it is part of a wider studio rehearsal for new Voyeur content to performed in a reduced band format remains unclear.

Davey did elaborate further on how the rehearsal process with Elton works though;

'I rehearse the band usually for 4 or 5 days when we have new stuff to learn – it’s a BIG job…..Elton is very appreciative that he doesn’t have to spend that time going over and over stuff, so my friend Adam Chester plays and sings brilliantly so EJ can just walk in for a quick run through…..it seems to work.'

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