Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elton Working on New Kids Musical

Elton John is working on a children’s musical, his partner David Furnish has told Hello! Magazine. And later this year he will also begin filming his previously reported biopic, ‘Rocketman’.

Furnish told the publication: “Later this year we begin filming ‘Rocketman’, a biopic of Elton’s early life. Towards the end of the year we are also planning to open a children’s musical on Broadway”.


Sir Elton John insists on celebrating Christmas (25Dec) a day late to avoid overshadowing his young son Zachary's festive birthday.

The Rocket Man and his partner David Furnish became parents to the little boy on Christmas Day, 2010, but they want to keep the celebrations separate in order to fully dote on the birthday boy.
The singer tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "Christmas and birthdays are always to treasure, and as Zachary's birthday is on Christmas Day, we just celebrate his birthday then and have our Christmas on 26 December."

- Contact Music

SIR ELTON JOHN and his partner DAVID FURNISH kept safety in mind when creating the design for their new home in Los Angeles so the property would be as child-friendly as possible.

The couple is parents to two sons, two-year-old Zachary and baby Elijah, who was born on 11 January (13), and the family divides its time between the UK and California.

The singer reveals he asked the designers of his L.A. home to ensure the safety of his children when they were putting together the building plans.

Furnish tells Hello! magazine, "We'll be using our Los Angeles house as our base for the next few months and that is already childproofed and family-friendly, so it doesn't need much alteration."
The pop star adds, "In fact we took care to have the house designed with as few corners as possible and the pool cover is so tough that several adults can walk across it."

- Daily Star

Rock legend Elton admitted the experience had been slightly easier second time around and David added that previously it felt very “daunting” before bringing their son home.

Baby Elijah’s birth was “natural and uncomplicated” they revealed.

Sir Elton added that they tried to create a relaxed atmosphere in the maternity room.

Elijah and Zachary will be true brothers, because they are from the same surrogate mother and egg donor.

David said the pair shared child care responsibilities with their nanny, who joined them when Zachary was born, but said the couple have both endured sleepless nights feeding and comforting their babies.

Speaking in this week’s Hello! magazine, the superstar explained he had always hoped to have a second baby to complete their family because, as an only child, Elton often felt lonely, despite being surrounded by loving adults.

Elton and David are now looking forward to their first year with Elijah.

And the singer joked that 2013 will be a year of “dirty nappies, broken nights, and more fun and happiness than we could ever have imagined”.

- Mirror

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