Monday, July 30, 2012

Molly's Special Interview with Elton Airs Sunday

Molly Meldrum sits down for an interview with mate Elton John. Airs Sunday August 5 on the Seven Network.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Elton Visits US Capitol Building, Synchronised Swimmers Playing Elton John at London 2012

At the London 2012 Olympics, musical selections for synchronised swimming are likely to include medleys from Cirque du Soleil shows, songs by Michael Jackson or Elton John, classical ballet themes or film soundtracks. Teams consisting of two or eight swimmers are judged on their combination of grace, artistry and athleticism (if not an ability to stay underwater for ages). Loudspeakers in the pool at the Aquatics Center allow the competitors to hear their choice of music underwater.

Bernie Writes by Title First, Elton Thanks Jay-Z For Support

The Killers' new album is inspired by Sir Elton John's hits.

The group's frontman Brandon Flowers recently met the 'Crocodile Rock' star's songwriting partner Bernie Taupin and took some tips from him on creating "epic" tracks.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elton's Sick of Copyright Piracy

Music icons including Roger Daltrey, Sir Elton John, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Pete Townshend have written a joint letter to the Prime Minister calling for a swift implementation of the DEA - and for No.10 to put pressure on search engines to help hurt piracy. Moves to New Canadian Base

'As some of you may already know, exciting changes are in the works for
The first phase of enhancements has begun, it is mostly behind-the-scenes, so you may not notice any changes to the site's appearance just yet. We look forward to unveiling the new look and feel as we move through the next phases in the coming months.' -

David & Elton Hire Same Surrogate For 2nd Baby

Elton John is so happy with his son Zachary, 18 months, he and husband David Furnish have arranged for a second child. “He hired the same surrogate to make another baby,” a source tells Flash. “She’s in her first trimester.”

'Everyone Deserves Love' - Elton at AIDS 2012

Sir Elton John should now be dead from Aids like his friends Freddie Mercury or Rock Hudson, he said on Monday. For years he was addicted to drugs and drink and put himself at high risk of contracting HIV by his behaviour.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Elton Coming to Beijing & Shanghai

As one of the world's largest sports and entertainment providers, AEG works directly with international artists and their agencies to arrange world tours. The events on AEG China's 2012 calendar include concerts by Elton John in both Shanghai and Beijing, Jennifer Lopez in Shanghai and NBA games. Many other events are still under discussion.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elton's Daybreak Interview

Sir Elton John has spoke about how his life changed since becoming a father to Zachary.

In a chat with Daybreak, the pop star spoke about how he and his partner David Furnish wanted a child and how fatherhood has changed them.

More Info on the Oz Tour

Chugg Entertainment chief executive Matthew Lazarus Hall told The Canberra Times they expected 12000 people when Sir Elton appeared at the Canberra Stadium with his five piece band.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Elton vs Pnau Heading For #1 This Weekend!

Pnau’s remix album of eight Elton John songs from the ‘70s is heading to #1 in the UK — which will mark his first Number One there in twenty years.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Good Morning To The Night Vol 1 was #1 on the UK’s midweek charts, indicating it will top the official charts this weekend.

- The Music Network

The new collection of mixes of Elton's classic tracks, titled 'Good Morning To The Night', leads the midweek charts ahead of a new version of Paul Simon's 'Graceland', which enters at No.2.

Maroon 5's 'Overexposed' is at No.3 while Nas's new album, the critically adored 'Life Is Good' enters at No.4.

- Gigwise

Bid to Meet Elton Backstage

You and a guest will enjoy 2 tickets and meet Elton John on his 2012 tour in Tampa, Florida on September 14.

Includes 2 tickets, backstage passes and a brief meet & greet backstage. Tickets available for September 14, 2012 in Tampa, Florida only. Travel and accommodations are not included. Winning bidder and guest(s) subject to security screening. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inside Elton's Private Chapel

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Elton John has been writing music since the 1960s, and between then and now, he has had enough life experience to reach some remarkable conclusions.

Elton Coming to China, Australia, Philippines & Indonesia This Year

Elton confirmed in a recent interview with Dermot O'Leary that he will be touring China, Australia, The Philippines & Indonesia at the end of this year with his Son Zachary.

Stay tuned for more details....

Elton On Coming Out, Dreams of Cocaine & Billy Joel

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"Nobody asked me," John recalled of the years leading up to the moment when he finally told a journalist that he was indeed gay. "When Cliff Jahr asked me in Rolling Stone, 'I'm gonna ask you a question, but if you don't want to answer it, I'm gonna turn the tape recorder off.' And I said, 'You're gonna ask me if I'm gay or not.' And he said, 'How did you know that?' I said, 'I've been waitin' for people to ask me this. It's not exactly a secret. I live with my manager. I'm openly gay outside. I don't have a girlfriend. And nobody's ever actually out -- I just thought it was common knowledge.'"

Florida Cut HIV Funding, Elton Told 'do a Concert Instead'

It's not Saturday night, but apparently the time is right for fighting between Elton John and Gov. Rick Scott. In his upcoming memoir, Sir Elton criticizes the unpopular pol for attempting to cut funds to Florida's AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Elton even wrote a letter to the governor, and the response he received from Scott's surgeon general was essentially, Well, if you care about Florida's AIDS patients' lives so much, why don't you come down here and perform a few charity concerts?

Listen to Elton With Dermot O'Leary

Dermot speaks to Sir Elton John on BBC iPlayer

Take a Look Back at 70's Elton

LONDON – "If this is the revolution, why are the drinks so fucking expensive," someone has written on the wall in the toilet of London's Revolution club.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elton's USA Today Interview

OLD WINDSOR, England – He once favored Minnie Mouse costumes and towering Mohawk wigs. Now, as he sips coffee in his elegant dining room, Elton John wears a navy blazer, dress shirt and dark pants, which all adds up to a Midwestern-bank-president look.

But then there are his spectacles.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Elton On Retirement, 2nd Baby, Talent Shows & Getting Sober

He has sold a quarter of a billion records worldwide. He has recorded the biggest selling single of all time. He has won six Grammy Awards, four Brits and an Oscar.

But, at the age of 66, Sir Elton John is starting to feel the irresistible pull of parenthood.

Elton vs Pnau Full Interview Video

Saturday, July 14, 2012

'I Wasted a Big Part of My Life' - Elton

Singer Elton John sat down with TODAY's Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview about his memoir, "Love is the Cure: On Life, Loss and the End of AIDS." John spoke candidly about the decades leading up to where he is now, saying that he "wasted" much of his time on drugs and addiction, especially during the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.

Elton Danced to Good Morning to the Night

LIVE on stage in Ibiza and a dance crowd is being won over by Sir Elton John.

The superstar isn’t your usual billing for those who flock to the White Isle every summer.

But as he flashes the Captain Fantastic logo on the back of his sequined jacket, the audience lets out a scream and the legend dances, smiling like he too is having the best night of his life.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Copy of Elton in Oz For Sale

My last copy ever of Elton in Oz 2011 is available for purchase from eBay. If you are interested in this A4 glossy, hard cover photo book please take a look at my eBay auction.

Elton Discusses The British Invasion

Few UK acts can speak with more authority about US success than Elton John and what he is witnessing in the Billboard charts right now is really exciting him.

EJAF Winter Ball Announced

By now you should be well aware of Sir Elton John's legendary party throwing capabilities - but this year's Grey Goose Winter Ball looks to be the most spectacular yet.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Preview Samples of Elton vs Pnau Here

Elton vs Pnau - Good Morning to the Night can be previewed at iTunes now. Listen to a taste of 8 fantastic new tracks.

Elton On The Today Show July 17

Sir Elton John will discuss his new book 'Love is the CURE' on The Today Show, next Tuesday, July 17.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 to 3 More Volumes of Elton vs Pnau Coming Soon

It's difficult for music lovers not to at the very least raise an eyebrow at the concept of Pnau's new album. The electronic-pop duo have teamed up with label boss Elton John to rework over 40 songs from his '70s heyday, squeezing all manner of sounds into just eight tracks.

We phoned up the group's Peter Mayes to find out if the task was as difficult as it sounds.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Elton Has a Bus Pass

ELTON John has revealed one of the benefits of reaching the grand old age of 65 – he now has a bus pass.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: 'Love is The Cure' Competition at is very excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for three lucky readers to win a copy of Elton's new memoir 'Love is the Cure' courtesy of our dear friends at Little, Brown and Co. Publishing.

Elton's Backstage Interview in Ibiza

Speaking of how his new project came about, John told the Daily Star: "I got in touch and told them they should leave Australia, which they did some time later. Like all these things, it's about waiting for the right combination of circumstances.

Elton is Vey Keen to Play Byron Bay

A BIG win for music in the Byron Shire is how Bluesfest director Peter Noble described the Department of Planning and Infrastructure's decision on major music events.

Chopard Creates Elton John AIDS Watch

Chopard has joined forces with music legend Elton John to create a special edition version of its Happy Sport watch to help support the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review & Setlist: Elton + Pnau in Ibiza

Yesterday the second helping of the Ibiza 123 Festival kicked off with a little help from Rocket man Elton John - yes Sir Elton John! Bagging one of the world's biggest stars was a commendable achievement even for Pino and gang. After being introduced to the crowd by island regular Pete Tong, Sir Elton John stunned the crowd with his friendly nature and beautiful voice - his pretty dazzling jacket with 'Fantastic' embellished in jewels across the back went down a treat too.

Review: Elton vs Pnau

I was never brought up with Elton John’s music; my parents were rockers and had no time for Elton’s trip pop. The first time I was ever aware of the man was when Princess Diana’s funeral was televised and he sang Candle in the Wind. That was my beginning, and then I recognised him in the Simpsons and other various pop culture-focused shows.

What if it were illegal for you to be you?

On Saturday night I was in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, performing at an Aids awareness concert. Some people might have preferred me not to come. Why? Because Ukraine, which waited so long for its own freedom, now threatens the freedom of gay people to express themselves in the most basic of ways – by taking part in a gay-pride parade or even speaking openly about homosexuality.

Elton John to Receive Polish Solidarity Medal

British pop star Elton John will collect Solidarity’s Medal of Gratefulness from Lech Wałęsa during a concert at the Ergo Arena Hall in Gdańsk on Sunday.

Interview with Pnau

Celebrity backings don't get much bigger than Sir Elton John, so when he asked Pnau to reinvent some of his extensive back catalogue they naturally jump to the chance. With Good Morning to the Night set to be released next month (July 16th) and a co-headlining slot alongside him in Ibiza at the start of July, Pnau are not only reinventing John, but presenting him to the world as the new don of electronic music with themselves as the ever-faithfully sidekicks.

Freddie Mercury Would Out Party Elton

Freddie Mercury is the subject of a new biography that went on sale Tuesday that promises to reveal the details of the reckless life of the Queen lead vocalist who in 1991 became the first major rock star to pass away from AIDS related illness.

Elton Reports 'The Times' to Leveson Inquiry

Sir Elton John has reported The Times to the Leveson Inquiry after it falsely linked the singer to a controversial tax-avoidance scheme.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lucky Fan Meets Elton in Front of 300,000

Elton John used an Aids charity concert in Kiev on Saturday to make an emotional appeal to Ukraine to stop what he called persecution of gays.