Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reduced Updates for 14 Days

The countdown is on...Sir Elton arrives in Australia tomorrow and the band are on their way now.

I will be heading to Perth on Saturday to attend all seven concerts on this years Australian tour.

As I will be busy travelling to various cities and attending the shows, there will be reduced updates to the site for the next two weeks. Normal service will resume from November 22.

I will make intermittent important updates and will of course cover the important set list updates and info from the Aussie gigs.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, I look forward to seeing many of you out on the road with me.



Anonymous said...

I am really jealous of your position where you can go see all of EJ concerts in Australia, Hope you have fun and don't forget to update us.

a fan of your blog from Hong kong since 2008

Paul Jelicich said...

Thanks Mate!

Ill keep you updated,


Trudi-Anne Gribble said...

Hi Paul, If when in Perth you see a Bronze 330ci BMW driving around with EL10JON number plates, its me. Im Perths Number one Elton John fan! Been one since I was 14 and now 51. I have just bought a boat and it is being renamed Captain Fantastic. I will be at both perth concerts wouldnt miss it would love for him to mention me and my car I am so proud driving around in it. Love Elton to bits always will. Jealous of your poaition .Paul have a great trip and same to Elton and the band of course. Would be happy to take him for a spin in my car while here.

nutter said...

I am really jealous too! I am stuck in cold, grey England! When you post your updates, don't forget to mention The Band - I particularly like to hear about my favourite drummer! We get virtually no news of Nigel et al in the UK. Thank you!

Trudi-Anne Gribble said...

I'll send the good vibes to the band as well as Elton Tonight when i see them all especially for you.
So so excited about the concert tonight.

nutter said...


Trudi-Anne Gribble said...

The concert at the Perth Arena opening was awesome to say the least. Elton had on his Madman across the water outfit it was awesome. The sound was fantastic and in usual style Elton captured the audience! Off to second concert tonight, I don't want him to leave Perth.