Saturday, November 17, 2012

My 2012 Tour Costume

As an enormous Elton John fan and the editor of, a news site for Elton fans from around the world that I have solely operated for over seven years, I decided to do something unique for this year's concert tour.

I will be attending my 20th concert in Launceston on Tuesday. So to celebrate this milestone, I have created a unique jacket made from over 14,000 individually heat set crystal rhinestones and will wear it to all seven shows on the 2012 Australian Tour.

It has been produced by myself and my dear friend Emma Souter as an homage to Elton's style whilst incorporating my love for his music and costumes.

If you see me at any of the shows - say hi!

Elton Daily Editor


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul, What a nice jacket!! hope you enjoyed the show so far!!!Btw, Do you have the link of two songs from the opening night?

Paul Jelicich said...

Thanks so much.

I made a mistake, unfortunately the official recordings didn't make it to YouTube, I'm sorry. It was only Bitch is Back and Bennie & the Jets that was recorded and audience recordings of these two songs are available on youtube.