Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Listening to Elton John Won't Make You Gay

KUALA LUMPUR: Just because we enjoy Elton John’s music does not mean we would also emulate his lifestyle, said MCA today.

In his criticism against PAS, MCA’s Young Professional Bureau chief Chua Tee Yong said: “People crowd John’s concerts because they love his music, not because of his personal life.”

PAS Youth leader Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi criticised the government, in an online portal, for allowing the legendary singer to perform here on Nov 29.

Elton John, a homosexual, is scheduled to perform at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.
Nasruddin’s call was backed by PAS central working committee member Khalid Samad, who said that the concert would promote free mingling among genders.

Chua, who also a deputy minister, said that PAS calling for a ban proves that it has not become a moderate party as claimed by many quarters.

“That’s why PAS had reaffirmed its stand in implementing hudud if it comes to power, at its recently concluded muktamar,” he said.

- Free Malaysia

PAS leaders will go ahead to protest against Elton John’s concert at Genting Highlands on Saturday night after their calls for the show to be cancelled went unheeded by the organisers.

PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi said they would submit a protest note to the Government against the organisers if the show, scheduled to be held at the Arena of Stars, is not stopped.

“We will use the approach of submitting a memorandum to protest against the concert.

“This is one of the measures we intend to take to check social ills in the country,” The Malaysian Times quoted him as saying in an interview with the news portal yesterday.

“Whatever it takes, we will not let up on our dakwah work and will continually remind all Muslims, particularly youths, not to get involved in matters that can drag them into vice,” Nasruddin said.

This will be the second concert in Malaysia for Elton, following his sell-out show at the same venue last year, also in November.

PAS had also raised its objections to the concert on grounds that it promoted “hedonism” and because of the singer’s gay marriage, which the party felt had a negative effect on young Malaysians.

- The Star

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